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Check out the brand new Foursquare.com, highlighting the best places to go, right now.

Foursquare is great to have on your phone when you’re out and about, but sometimes you want to explore from home or work. Today we rolled out a new look for Foursquare.com that brings the best of Foursquare to your browser.


Find the best of what’s nearby, right now

Our new homepage is smart enough to know that what you’re looking for on Saturday night (dinner and nightlife spots) might be different than what you’re searching for on Sunday morning (delicious brunch restaurants, anyone?). Load the page anytime of the day, and we’ll show you the perfect suggestions for that moment.

Specials and deals that save you money

Who doesn’t want to save a little cheddar? The new homepage highlights exclusive money-saving deals and specials nearby.

The best city guide, updated moment-to-moment

Just landed in a new city? Planning for an upcoming trip? Select the city you want to explore from the bottom of the page, and we’ll show you the best places, chosen by locals. And when you log in, you’ll see tips on what to check out from your friends who’ve traveled there before you.

To get started, head over to the new foursquare.com to help you find a new lunch spot this week.

Happy exploring!

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Big news: today we’re opening up Foursquare Ads to all small businesses around the world.

Here is a problem that all local business owners know: they want to get more customers, but tons of people walk by their storefront without coming in. We created Foursquare Ads to solve this problem. We can connect great local businesses with the people nearby that are most likely to become customers.

Today, we’re opening Foursquare Ads to all small businesses around the world. We’re moving past the days when business owners have to figure out if a “like” or a “click” has any meaning in the real world; now they can tell if someone who saw their ad actually walks into their store. We built this to be simple and flexible, learning from our four years of data and relationships with over 1.5 million claimed businesses.


Creating a Foursquare ad is super simple.  All a business owner needs to do is go to foursquare.com/ads and build their ad – by choosing a great photo of their space and either offering a special or highlighting a great customer tip. Then they set their monthly budget and push their ad live for people nearby to see.


Any merchant can monitor how many people have viewed their ad, how many have tapped on it, and how many actually came into their store. Merchants know what they’re paying for – real actions and real customers. We’ve been testing it with a thousand businesses for the last few months, and the results have been great. We’ve posted some success stories, including Barcade, Bronx Beer Hall, and Sky Room. Take a look, and, if you’d like to start getting more customers today, sign up now.

Real customers, walking through the door. Welcome to Foursquare Ads.

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Find great places (and friends) nearby, right now, with the newly-updated Foursquare.

Today we’re rolling out some great upgrades to Foursquare. You’ll notice an updated look and feel, with a simple feed that shows you what’s most relevant nearby, right now.

What’s new:

  • Real-time recommendations // When you arrive someplace, we can tell you something great there (like the best thing to order, or a money-saving special). With this release, we’re turning real-time recommendations on for a small batch of people who use Foursquare on their iPhone (and expanding to more every day). It’s been live for some people on Android for a bit, and we can’t wait to put it in everyone’s hands.
  • Right now // Got an hour to kill before dinner? We’ve added a ‘nearby’ button. Tap it to see which of your friends are around.
  • Friends at a glance // We now show each friend’s most recent check-in. Want to dig deeper and see more? Tap through to their profile.

As always, the second you open the app we show you what’s interesting around you, like a new restaurant or a popular concert nearby.

the new app and the new amazing realtime recommendations!

Grab the latest version for Android or iOS now.

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We put a fresh coat of paint on Foursquare for iOS 7

Today, we released an updated version of our app for Apple users.

The moment you update your iPhone to iOS 7, you’ll see a fresh coat of paint on Foursquare. We’ve fancied up the icon, updated the UI, and made it all work flawlessly in Apple’s new iOS. So, while you’re playing with your new operating system (or new phone!), you can keep using Foursquare as usual.


Update to get the latest version of the app, or download it here.

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Pastrami sandwich? Pumpkin pie? Pork buns? Find it fast with new menu search on Foursquare

You know where to look when you want to find a French restaurant, but what about when you’re specifically craving a croque monsieur?

Starting today, Foursquare is expanding our Explore search to include full menus. Type in the dish you’re looking for and we’ll scour our menu database of over 43 million menu items from over half a million places to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Pull out Foursquare on your phone and try finding one of these:

Just type what you’re looking for into Foursquare and we’ll show you all the restaurants nearby that serve that dish, with info straight from their menus (and our 32 million tips). It’s this sort of data that powers our new magical proactive recommendations, and which only Foursquare can do.

Make sure you have the latest update of the app to try it out.

Happy noshing!

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Celebrating our 40,000 Foursquare Superusers and a places database that gets better every day

If you’ve ever wondered how Foursquare’s crowd-sourced database of 55 million places is always up-to-date, a lot of the credit goes to our amazing community of superusers. And this week, it hit a major milestone: we now have over 40,000 people in our superuser community.


We originally launched the superuser program in early 2009, inspired by the openness of Wikipedia and the local expertise of individuals all over the world. Foursquare users could apply to get special editing privileges, and to help make Foursquare better for everyone. Since then, we have steadily grown the superuser community, developed better editing tools (including tools that allow anyone to suggest edits!), and overhauled our backend to automate some tasks as well. And the result is what our 40,000,000 users see every day – a dynamic, up-to-date database of all the places in the world.

Since we hit this milestone, we wanted to share some stats about our superuser community:

  • Over 40,000 people, with over 6,000 new members joining in the last three months.
  • There are superusers in 147 countries
  • Combined, they make over a million edits every month (that’s a ton!)
  • In the last couple of weeks with some new tools we’ve been testing, we’ve seen a 400% increase in the number of edits


So, for all our 40,000 superusers, a huge hug and thank you! If you see someone with the ‘SU’ badge on their profile (it looks like this), give them a high five for us. And, for all the people who have recently applied to be superusers, stay tuned: in the coming weeks, we’re rolling out even easier ways to get started.

*Update: This feature is live! Now it’s easier than ever to become a superuser

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A smarter Foursquare, so you don’t miss a thing.

The idea behind Foursquare has always been that, someday, hundreds of millions of people will carry software in their pocket that lets them know when friends are nearby, when places they’ll love are around the corner, and whether nearby merchants can help them save money. This is the future we’re spending our days building.


When we look at how to build this, we break it down into two main interactions: one between you and your friends, and another between Foursquare and you. For you and your friends, it’s about keeping up and meeting up. And between you and Foursquare, it’s about what’s great nearby.

Part of that Foursquare interaction is straightforward – when you’re looking for something like ‘gluten-free dinner,’ search for it and we’ll show you the best places nearby. The other part is more serendipitous – the times when Foursquare surprises you with interesting insights, like the best dish to order when you sit down for dinner, or the three must-see places to go when you arrive in a new part of town. These aren’t ‘search’ moments, but they’re a big part of what makes Foursquare special.

For the last few years, we’ve been working on this ‘special’ part, which we’re launching today to a few thousand people who use Foursquare on their Android phones. The idea is simple – use your phone’s location to give you nearby recommendations. We think of this feature like a sixth sense; proactive recommendations of things you didn’t even know you were looking for. In the past, it’s been a challenge, mostly because of issues with battery drain and location accuracy.

With our launch today, we’ve moved past those challenges. With over 4 billion check-ins, our location accuracy has hugely improved. With more than 32 million tips, you’ve told us about great things worth discovering all around the world. When we tried this two years ago (remember, Radar?) it was about reminding you to check in and letting you know when you were close to places you saved to lists. Today, with everything that Foursquare has learned about the world, it can be proactive recommendations – helping you discover the greatest things nearby without even having to open the app. You still check in when you want to share with friends, and now we may give you great recommendations even if you don’t. And while using background location in the past was a battery drain, we’ve done a ton of tinkering there. Now, you’ll barely notice the impact. From our internal tests on a bunch of phones, it only increases drain about 0.7% per hour, or, over the course of a day, the equivalent of about a 20-minute game of Angry Birds.

Today we’re excited to start rolling out this smarter Foursquare. Here’s how it will work: when you sit down to dinner, we might ping you with the can’t-miss dish on the menu (like the screenshot from a sushi bar below). Or when you arrive in a new neighborhood or city, we’ll suggest a few places that your friends love (like below, after you’ve wandered into a new neighborhood). It’s like having a ton of local friends stuffed in your pocket wherever you go.


Because it’s powered by billions of check-ins, it’s also smart: we’re going to ping you when you sit down at a new place where your friend left a tip, not when you’re on your daily walk to work. And using this feature doesn’t check you in; this isn’t for sharing, just for making sure you don’t miss great things.

Starting today, we’re rolling it out to thousands of Android users. Over the course of the coming months, we’re going to be expanding to all Android users, and then iOS (we’re taking it a bit slow to make sure we get it just right, but hope to have it to everyone in the next few months). We’re so excited to finally have this out in the wild, and for you guys to see what we’ve been working on the last year-and-a-half and for everyone to see what we think the future of Foursquare looks like.

Not on Foursquare yet? Get started today.

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Have a Windows 8 device? Try out the brand new Foursquare to discover great places

Sometimes, when you’re deciding where to go for dinner, you start that decision at your desk. That’s why we’ve spent so much time building foursquare.com, and why today, we’re releasing a new Foursquare app for those of you with Windows 8 devices. Whether you’re looking for the best BBQ in Austin or free wi-fi at the airport, let the new Foursquare app be your guide.


The app has a brand new visual style, so it’s easy to decide where to go before heading out. You can quickly know which of your friends have been there, see how popular it is, and get insider tips (as well as get directions, see the hours, and all the other info that Foursquare has). Search for something specific, or just swipe around the screen to discover someplace great.


So the next time you’re looking for something fun to do, whether at home or on the road, join the over 35 million people who turn to Foursquare to find places loved by friends and locals in-the-know.

Ready to get out and go? Download the app today in the Windows Store (It’s rolling out now and should be live for everyone soon).

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Making Foursquare Better, One Tap at a Time

You may have noticed that we’ve started adding useful little details about places to Foursquare. Now when you look up a place, you might see specifics like free wi-fi, outdoor seating, and which credit cards are accepted.


The way we get the data is super simple; sometimes, when you check in, we’ll ask you one quick question about that place.


Since we launched this, hundreds of thousands of you have already answered these questions. Thanks for making Foursquare better for everyone!

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